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About Rebell

Since 2011, Rebell has brought results to our clients through three focuses:

Fitness:  We provide 4-6 week programs that are easy to digest and provide you with choices that will fit your experience level.  We follow a seasonal calendar that will provide a well-rounded fitness regimen that addresses everything from fat loss and muscle gain to improved mobility and conditioning

Nutrition:  Our Pro Coach platform gives you a chance to make long-lasting changes in your lifestyle that make big impacts on your health, confidence, comfort, and performance.

Mentality:  Our approach, overlooked by Strength Coach and Family Therapist Dan Frantz, provides you with a plan to take care of your mind, body, and relationships. Together we build on the fundamentals of the self just like a strength training program!

We believe that true strength has a greater purpose that reaches far beyond the walls of Rebell.

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