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Amy and Kyle Rice: April 2017

Posted: April 1, 2017 by Mike Connelly - Swinger of the Month

1) How long have you been coming to Rebell? And what motivated you to begin training?

Amy: I think I’ve been a member for 2.5 years? But I’ve been “consistently” coming for the past year now. I joined because I was looking for something other than cardio, and I’ve always been nervous to try out the weight machines at the gym by myself, so I thought I’d give Rebell a try and never turned back. AND! I wanted to just be healthier overall.

Kyle: Four months. Mostly Amy telling me how much she loved it, and because i wanted to get stronger. I was also looking for something more structured, like the classes at Rebell, rather than me just running around the gym not knowing what else to do.

2) What continues to motivate you on a weekly basis to stay consistent with your fitness?

Kyle: I thoroughly enjoy going to Rebell, and seeing results, even in the few shorts months, keeps me motivated to keep going.

Amy: Having Kyle there helps. We make sure we are signed up for classes and encourage each other to go, even if it sometimes feels like you’d rather stay home and eat pizza.

3) What is your biggest takeaway from strength training? (Either in the gym, or outside of the gym.)

Amy: A sense of accomplishment! I would never have imagined I could lift what I can now, and each class I surprise myself by doing a little bit more and it feels great! It shows me hard work and commitment really pays off.

Kyle: Just being stronger in everyday life…and it’s also helped with my golf game.

Amy: ::eyeroll::

4) If you could have one Super Power, what would it be and why?

Kyle: Flying – because it’s the most practical super power. Gets you where you need to go much faster.

Amy: Teleportation – because its faster than flying. 🙂

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