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The Extreme Reasonableness Challenge!

Posted: August 10, 2017 by Dan Frantz - Articles

The Extreme Reasonableness Challenge! RPE 7 & 8

Don’t stay stuck, and don’t worry about great.

How many free throws did Michael Jordan miss in the empty gyms of his youth before he nailed one with his eyes closed against Denver in 1991 and famously said, “Welcome to the NBA,” to rookie Dikembe Mutombo?

How many hours did Venus and Serena spend working on their serves to get to the peak of their capabilities, and how many hours did they spend to maintain that level of excellence well after winning everything imaginable?

When it comes to setting your goals in ANY life domain, how much do you need and what are you prepared to give?

Athletes, actors, and musicians are bred expecting to put in the practice time to hit their potentials. For the rest of us, the game is much different yet similar rules apply. Athletes, actors, and musicians are still working with the same hardware that we are. One brain per human being, one body per human being…go!Outside of the performance-based world, it gets interesting when we dive into what expectations we have of ourselves relative to the objectives we’re trying to meet. Also, what type of support and accountability we put in place to achieve those objectives.


That said, there’s good reason why your typical 30 Day Challenge has become a trend in the fitness world. For the rest of us that don’t organize our lives in performance-based pursuits like those mentioned above, we can often feel like we’re drifting without structure or focus. The notion of a challenge is exciting and can instantly prompt us to push ourselves beyond the business-as-usual mode, to feed the motivational fire, to stretch our thinking about what our potential could be. That sounds pretty good to me after a long lackadaisical summer vacation schedule and sporadic training.

So, why hasn’t Rebell jumped on the Challenge bandwagon?

As Coach Mike pointed out in his blog outlining Rebell’s New Transformation Kickstart (Mike’s Transformation Kickstart Blog), we took a little moment to huddle up so we could design a program that fits with our philosophy and standards. This community is a vibrant mix of really cool people that need to trust us as coaches. We need to honor that and do not wish to besmirch (first time using besmirch in a sentence!) that bond to generate revenue. So, we designed it to support autonomy, competence in training, and durable change vs. arbitrary standards with low skill/high punishment Adult P.E. Class workouts, and restrictive food options you can’t wait to quit.

How much do you need and what are you prepared to give? That earlier question sounds intense! Like you have to have a blood, sweat, and tears training montage every day at the gym Biggest Loser Style or why bother? This all-or-nothing mentality has stopped many of us in our tracks before we even begin! AND this approach to training has knocked many a good person off their goals just as they’re gaining momentum because the body can only adapt so much at any given point before it breaks. No matter how much you want the plant to grow, annihilating it with a fire hose is NEVER the answer.

Welcome to The Extreme Reasonableness Challenge! RPE 7 & 8

Many of you know that RPE is a 0-10 scale that stands for Rate of Perceived Exertion. The all-or-nothing brain can trick us into thinking that we need 100% of our idealized goals and only RPE 10 will bring about the changes we seek. When you think about anything you’ve accomplished that’s brought about durable changes, I’d bet that consistently putting out 100% max effort 100% of the time was not part of the formula.

The Extreme Reasonableness Challenge is embedded into the Transformation Kickstart. It’s a challenge to respect the extreme awesomeness of being a reasonable person who gets to: 1) practice setting and achieving next level strength & conditioning (aka FITNESS) goals that push you, but don’t break you 2) practice setting and achieving next level training skill-based goals to elevate your training game/proficiency for the long haul 3) practice setting and achieving next level habit-based goals that serve your nutrition/kitchen game for the long haul 4) do all this with a bunch of cool people!

Don’t stay stuck, and don’t worry about great. Keep showing up, let us guide you to stay on your growth edge, and let’s keep celebrating your victories over the long haul together.

Oh, and don’t think I don’t want you to destroy this Transformation Kickstart. You could win up to 5 months of membership! I just predict that those who win are embracing the RPE 7 & 8 lifestyle.

Knock out the following goals to win!

  • Group Class Attendance Goal
  • Sunday Workshop Attendance Goal
  • Training Skill Goal
  • 1 Act of Giving Goal
  • Participation in Pro Coach Nutrition Program
  • BING! BANG! BOOM! (not a goal…just bring that enthusiasm)

Rebell’s Transformation Kickstart begins September 4th

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