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The Gift of GAB: A Look Into Rebell’s Goal Setting Strategies Pt 1.

Posted: May 20, 2017 by Mike Connelly - Articles

“Why are you seeking our help?”  It’s one of the first questions that we ask people who inquire about our services here at Rebell.  The answer to that question will let us know if we are a good fit and get us started in a conversation that will help us get you into the right mindset that you need to hit your goals.  In my next two blog entries, I am going to outline Rebell’s strategy for helping you hit your goal.  Let’s talk about GAB (Goal, Assess, Barriers) first!

State Your Goal

We have to start with stating a goal.  As odd as it may seem, sometimes the first or even second goal that people talk about with us is sometimes not their real goal.  It’s easy to get swept up in what outside influences tell us we should be doing.  The only thing we should be doing is what makes us happy and fulfills our wants and needs, not what some magazine or blogger tells us we need to be happy or competent.  It’s why we practice giving our clients autonomy through our programming rather than posting a bunch of arbitrary standards on our walls for people to live up to.  All that stuff is bullshit.  The only thing that matters to us is that we are helping you reach your goal.  So, in order to get a real handle on your goal, we need to block out the outside noise and find out what is really driving you to change.

I like the old school guideline S.M.A.R.T to assess my goals.

Is your goal Specific?  Being vague will give you vague results.

Is your goal Measurable?  “I want to lose weight” is great, but “I want to lose 5lbs” gives us a target and the opportunity to clear a defined path to that goal.

Is your goal Attainable?  “I would like to triple my deadlift in 2 months.”  No.  Just no.

Is your goal Realistic?   “I would like to drop 100lbs for this wedding that I’m going to in 3 months.”  How about we make that somewhere between 20 and 24lbs and call it a great start to losing 100lbs?

Is your goal Time Bound?  “I want to be able to run a 5k.”  Great!  When do you want to do this?  A timeline will keep us on track and show us a light at the end of the tunnel.

If we can make sure that all of our goals meet each of these criteria, we will have a great start on actually reaching them.

Great!  Now we have our goal.  Let’s sit back and take an honest look at some things now.

Assess Your Confidence

Once we set a goal, we can look at our confidence in our ability to hit that goal.  It helps to talk through this and bring our fears and mental blocks out into the open so we can knock those suckers into next week.

“On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you that you will hit this goal?” I’ll ask my client.

“I’m a solid 8.”

“Why are you an 8 and not a 7?”  This question catches some people off guard.  It forces them to state the confidence they have in working toward this goal.  It gets us off on the right foot by recognizing that we do, in fact, have the power to make a change.  Hooray!

Identify Your Barriers

Once we have pinpointed our confidence, let’s talk about what barriers lie between you and your goals.

“Tell me what barriers will prevent you from reaching your goal.”

“Well, I tend to slack off after a couple of weeks when I’m left on my own to get something done, and I lose track of my tasks that will get me to my goal.”

“Great!  Where I think I can help you is by keeping you accountable with weekly check-ins.  If you would like, I can show you how I use a daily planner to keep me on task as well.  If that doesn’t work, we can find something that will fit you better.”

It’s easy to turn a blind eye to these pesky bastards, but by being honest and humble enough to admit these points, we put ourselves in a much better position to overcome them.

In my next entry about Rebell goal setting strategies, I’m going to talk about action steps and prioritization.  How do we figure out what steps to take first and what steps to not take at all?  Stay tuned to find out!




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