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Jerry Gaudet: June 2016

Posted: June 1, 2016 by Mike Connelly - Swinger of the Month

Congratulations Jerry! Jerry has been working his A** off and we wanted to recognize him as the June Swinger of the Month. $100 will be donated on his behalf to Frank McMahon Misericordia Fund.

1. Tell us a little bit about your current training, goals and experience so far?

Currently, I work one-on-one with Sarah twice a week. I try to fit in a group class too. I do one extra gym workout on my own. I am also training for a 5km … small goal for some but big for me!

My goals are pretty basic:

– Get stronger

I think this has a different meaning for everyone, but for me its not just the physical goals but mental strength too. What I am noticing, as I meet certain strength goals I am starting to feel more confident and generally, feel happier. I will say, my dream is just to do ONE pull-up. I’m not sure how I will react when it happens BUT it will happen!

– Living Well

I am not looking for the perfect body, but now that I am 44 years old, I recognize that the choices I make today affect me when I am older. I want to look and feel good as I age.

The experience thus far has been terrific, especially the training with Sarah. It’s great to have personal attention. Your form improves, you get pushed a little farther, and you get a cheerleader that encourages you along the way.

2. What is your biggest accomplishment thus far?

I think my biggest accomplishment so far has been getting out of my own way. In many ways I am confident person but I definitely didn’t see myself as a guy who could be physically strong. I never admitted this to myself and in turn, gave this feeling a lot of power. Since I’ve acknowledged that I felt this way and asked for help (thanks Ryan), my belief in myself has improved a lot.

3. Favorite Chicago restaurant and dish?

How can you pick just one? I am a recent transplant to Chicago (2 years now) and it’s an amazing food town. But for my money, the tonkotsu ramen noodles at Wasabi in Bucktown is the best. Especially on a cold winter night. I am salivating just thinking about it.

4. Advice for those starting their fitness journey?

– It’s not a race. So don’t compare yourself to others. It’s your own journey. However, its OK to see someone you admire and use them as inspiration.

– Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone, even the most successful people, need help once in a while.

– Make it fun. If you see it as work, you will never stick with it.

– I can’t say I always love the training, but even when I don’t, I feel proud that I have am staying focussed and moving towards accomplishing my goals. Keep this mind.

5. Favorite Exercise and why?

Turkish get-ups and deadlifts … giving a slight edge to TGUs. When you do them, it just feels like a complete body workout … and that all your muscle groups are working so efficiently together.

6. Least favorite exercise and why?

Squats, they definitely take the most out of me. I’m always trying to catch my breath after each set.

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