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Kevin Moran: September 2016

Posted: September 1, 2016 by Mike Connelly - Swinger of the Month

Congratulations Kevin! Kevin has been consistently coming to class and working his BUTT OFF! (And his progress is amazing!!) We wanted to recognize him as the October Swinger of the Month. $100 will be donated on his behalf to Frank McMahon Misericordia Fund.

Working some floor presses in our Sunday Skool Class!

1. What is your biggest accomplishment at Rebell?

Just showing up every day I can. During my orientation Ryan promised if you show you up every day you will get stronger, that has proven to be true.

2. What is your favorite exercise?

When I started it was the sled because that was the only exercise I knew how to do. Now I would have to say the swing because it is new to me and I can see the progress every time I come to class.

3. Do you have any advice for those just starting a fitness journey?

Find a fitness activity you enjoy and people you would enjoy doing it with. Its a lot easier to get out or get off the couch if you know your going to enjoy your workout.

4. If you could have a drink with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I recently read unbroken the story of Louie Zamperini a WWII army airmen who not only survived 45+ days at sea in a small life raft but endured years of torture at Japanese prison camp. Years after he was liberated he was able to forgive the guards that tortured him and dedicated his life to helping others. I would love to learn what it took mentally to survive everything he went through and how he was able to forgive those who caused him so much harm. (Sorry if I spoiled the story for anyone but the book and movie have been out for a few years now.)

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