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Offset the Office at Rebell’s Evening Rampage!

Posted: October 25, 2017 by Dan Frantz - Articles

Offset the Office at Rebell’s Evening Rampage!  

This winter, we’re making the muscles to earn the snuggles.

Chicagoland, as much as it hurts to admit it, darker days and colder weather are coming. How many more times are you willing to let the steering wheel autopilot you directly home after work this winter and cheat yourself out of the workouts you damn well know you need?

I’m not judging. I understand it. The truth is, our energy resources naturally diminish in the winter, yes? Additionally, the workload at our jobs doesn’t necessarily follow that same downward arch.

Moreover, if you are wired (or simply prefer) to train in the evening, that pull to finish work and race directly into a bowl of chili, a hot toddy, some cookies, and lay prone in your easy pants is a real phenomenon that must be reckoned with! MUST. BE.

Therefore, Rebell is simply having none of it. We refuse to go gentle into that good night (until after some proper swings, goblet squats, or at least some TGUs! Then, get the hell outta my way, because it’s max cozy time for real.

After some in-house discussion, the following success plan will be implemented effective MONDAY OCTOBER 30TH to make sure we maintain our vigor and make the muscles to earn the snuggles.

WHAT: Henceforth, evening classes shall be known as Rebell’s Evening Rampage!

WHEN: The Rampage will run Monday through Friday from 5-7:30 pm.

HOW: The Rebell program you know and love will remain the same. However, you get here anytime you can during The Rampage and its game-on immediately. Start your program with us at 5, 5:37, or get here at 6:15 and start then! 6:30, no problem- get it on. 7, get in a half hour!

WHY: The start time is 5 PM or anytime you get here until 7:30 because we want you to have an efficient Rampage and get on with life without having to wait for an official start of class if you’re on the earlier side & we don’t want you to miss a Rampage if you simply can’t get here at the same time everyone else does.

BONUS: As mentioned above, the program remains the same and you’re encouraged to follow it as always. Yet, if time limitations are a factor, or Old Man Winter is just kicking you where the sun hasn’t shone in weeks leaving your energy depleted, you and your Coach will work to scale the program to maximize whatever energy you bring to the party. Good?

NUTSHELL IT: Come as you are to the rolling start and do something instead of nothing!     

Rest assured, we know you put your trust in us to maintain a high level of coaching. We take pride in that and won’t jeopardize that for anything. There may be bugs to work out in this system, but we’ll resolve those and Rampage on together!

Bring it.

Coach Dan

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