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Greg Dziwulski

Posted: July 12, 2017 by Mike Connelly

Do you enjoy being judged and/or gawked at by every meathead at your local “box gym” when you’re just trying to better yourself through working out? If not, you belong at Rebell Strength & Conditioning. 

With Rebell you get:
– Small group classes with a personal training feel
– A REAL sense of community (family dinners, fun local events, volunteering, lasting friendships, etc.)
– Value for your money…training is nearly 1/4 the price of personal training the “box gyms”
– Individualized attention and coaching in a group setting
– Balanced training focused on strength, conditioning, and functional mobility
– Nutrition education and coaching
– A challenging and unique workout each visit to Rebell
– Mike, Ryan, and Kim – 3 great certified coaches that know you and your individual fitness goals; and they are genuinely passionate about helping you meet them!

So, if you’re ready to dump Globo Gym in exchange for a REAL strength and conditioning experience…come check out Rebell! You won’t regret it.

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