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Gregg Barcelow

Posted: July 11, 2017 by Mike Connelly

Rebell is where it’s at if you truly want to maximize your body’s potential. I have been fitness oriented for most of my life, but honestly, working with Mike and Ryan truly opened my eyes. Their thorough screening and analysis allowed them to identify a number of imbalances and deficiencies that were really holding me back, and we were able to begin to correct those while simultaneously building strength and endurance.

Even more impressive was how individualized my training was at Rebell. Despite the fact that I shared class time with other members, Mike and Ryan were able to very effectively instruct individually within the group. The acuity of their individual awareness during sessions allowed them to cater the training to me based on my needs and physique to the extent that it almost felt like we were doing one-on-one training. Far, far better and more productive than a trainer shoving a methodology at you whether it works for you or doesn’t. 

Rebell offers a unique, intense, varied and productive training experience, guided by perhaps the most qualified trainers I’ve ever worked with. I would recommend it to anybody out there, no matter what your experience, fitness level and training goals are.

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