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Jennifer Weber

Posted: July 12, 2017 by Mike Connelly

I’ve been a member of Rebell for the past year and a half and can honestly say it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made to date. After graduating college, I had a hard time finding a routine that I truly enjoyed and was willing to stick with, and being a former college athlete, I was unhappy with how inactive I had become. A friend of mine introduced me to Rebell and I instantly fell in love. 

First, the coaches are amazing, know their stuff and are continually educating themselves to ensure they provide their members with top notch training. One thing that stuck out to me in the first few weeks of training was how the coaches work with their members. Everyone is at a different level of training, and while everyone follows the same monthly program, some members have to modify certain exercises due to injury or their level of strength. For instance, a program may list chin-ups or pull-ups as an exercise. While some members may do the typical chin-up, others may work with the TRX bands. Ultimately, everyone is using the same muscles and doing the same movement, the exercises are just modified to each individual’s level. The fact that the coaches can think of a modified version of an exercise on the spot shows me that they truly know the body and how to properly train their members. 

Second, Rebell is more like a family/community than a gym. We all support each other during workouts and are active in each other’s lives (birthdays, weddings, etc.). I’ve made some great friends at Rebell in the past year and a half!

Lastly, the strength I’ve gained in the past year and a half is pretty incredible. During my four years of college volleyball, I wasn’t capable of doing even one unassisted chin-up. In the first 3.5 months of joining Rebell, I was able to complete my first unassisted chin-up and that number has continued to increase ever since. Big shout out to Mike, the owner of Rebell, for always pushing me even when I don’t think I have any “gas left in the tank.” Not only has he pushed me with my strength work, but he’s pushed me with my new found love of cardio through the rowing machine. 

Hands down, this is the only gym I would recommend to someone in Chicago. It’s an incredible place with incredible people.

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