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Jessica B. (We could tell you her last name but then we’d have to kill you)

Posted: July 12, 2017 by Mike Connelly

Rebell really has everything I’m looking for in a “gym.” Rebell isn’t really a gym in a traditional sense – it’s training. The workouts are programmed (so I just need to show up ready to work!), and there is a genuine focus on correct technique, appropriate progressions, and safely making gains. No egos here; just hard work and some jokes. There is a sense of community and mutual respect among the members and trainers, and I get the impression that members socialize regularly outside of training as well. The atmosphere is both laid back and professional, which is exactly my kind of vibe for training.

I picked Rebell after doing a fair amount of research on training options. I’m working through an injury and train/teach krav maga outside of this, so I am hard on my body and wanted to find training that will help me increase my mobility, correct my weaknesses, and condition my body to continue doing what I love. I expected this to be a sort of “means to an end,” but I’m enjoying the process and have already seen improvements both at Rebell and in my other activities. Like any training, you get what you put in, but unlike generic gyms, the members and trainers at Rebell provide the motivation, guidance, and accountability to push you to be better.

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