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Matt Patruno Marine, CPD

Posted: July 11, 2017 by Mike Connelly

I’ve been coming to Rebell for about 18 months now and I wish I would have been coming here longer. Mike and Ryan have been an absolute godsend for me and I am not the only Rebeller who thinks so. 

I have always had a very active lifestyle and thought I knew how to keep my body in peak physical performance. That is until I had to have a few procedures done on my ankle after years of abuse and never taking care of myself properly. 

Mike and Ryan not only brought me back to where I was when I was in my early 20’s but have gotten me stronger and as good as shape as I have ever been. I have a very physically demanding job and I need to be pumping on all cylinders at all times. This gym has gotten me and keeps me exactly where I need to be. 

These two guys are the best physical trainers I have ever worked with and truly care about not only their gym and its reputation but about their clients as well. Both constantly go out of their way to not only make sure I am getting stronger but to make sure I am taking care of my body as well. 

I couldn’t see myself working out anywhere else and I am grateful to have these two around to keep me going as I get older and my body needs more attention. If you want a gym that not only is going to get you in shape, keep you in shape, but most importantly keep you injury free this is the place for you.

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