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Rebell’s Personal Development Program Is Here!

Posted: July 14, 2017 by Mike Connelly - Articles

Pump up the World in The Adventures in Strength Program

We all come to Rebell because we’re interested in working on some aspect of ourselves.
We strengthen our core muscles and work on the fundamental movement patterns in every session of our monthly training programs. This new program targets the core of our personal strength and develops the fundamental movements of the self!
ADVENTURES IN STRENGTH is Rebell’s personal development program, offering you a structured way to tighten up your holistic game; Mind, Body, Spirit, Relationships, & Community!

This program draws on over 25 years of combined experience between Coach Mike (Rebell Owner & Strength Coach) and I (Strength Coach, Holistic Health Coach, & Family Therapist), and is at the heart of our mission: to make a positive impact on our community through strength and education.

Learning to pick weights up off the ground is one thing. Learning to pick yourself and others up off the ground, that’s quite another. In AIS, we develop both!

Problems addressed
1. Promoting Social Giving:
Perception of fitness industry and training as EGO-DRIVEN i.e. ‘stuck flexing in the mirror’
2. Lifestyle and holistic health issues:
Stress, sleep, motivation, fulfillment, mood, & self-care challenges certainly show up in the gym every day but are often not addressed in a structured, progressive fashion toward resolution
3. Lack of follow through:
Frequently, people fall out of training programs after the specific trial phase or ‘challenge’ is over for lack of motivation/engagement in the process and suffer the health consequences
4. Connection with others:
Frequently, people struggle to connect socially in gym settings, feel alone in their struggles, and miss vital resources for their overall sense of wellbeing
5. Self-Worth:
Often, people’s sense of self-worth Is confused with physical performance in gym culture. Everyone has a purpose and something to give
6. Values in Action:
Frequently, people talk about their values passionately but aren’t able to build meaningful contributions to causes they care about into their time or money equation

The AIS program is offered at Rebell to support personal development by promoting holistic health (Mind, Body, Spirit, Relationships, & Community). It’s less chakra alignments, crystals, and smelling lovely things to feel wonderful. It’s more people who smell like they’ve been working out, smartly developed plans with tailored goals, and getting things done in the real world we all inhabit. It works for people who do well with structured, individualized, strength-based/needs-driven support. It is not therapy, but it will promote growth!

AIS boils down to one core belief:
We are at our best when in service to others here on this big beautiful planet.

Mike and I are proud of what Rebell stands for in the strength community. We are proud of the quality people we get to serve and work with. At the same time, we are extremely motivated to take this community to the next level of strength in the areas of life that matter most to each of us.

So much so, we’re willing to do this program for free. Keep reading…

We can’t give the family recipe out over the internets, so get in touch with me directly dan@rebellstrength.com or 503-891-3624 and I’ll tell you how the AIS program works. PLUS, I’ll tell you how you can work it every month for FREE…bupkis…nada…nuttin’…zilch…zip…zero. ($60 per month value)

Xs-to-the-Os, Good People!
Coach Dan

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