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Group Strength & Fitness Classes


In these classes, we focus on getting STRONG! We work the four basic movement systems described on page 3 and 4. Individual days may focus on one or two specific lifts, but you can be sure that you will push, pull, squat, and hinge at every workout! Classes are programmed in 4-6 week cycles with progressions and regressions in order to facilitate progress and recovery.  No 3lb dumbbells and cheerleaders screaming in your face here, this is the best group strength training in the city available at a very affordable rate.


Our conditioning days will build your endurance and resiliency by focusing on increasing your work capacity and reducing your recovery times.  It’s not just about running you into the ground without rhyme or reason.  In fact, it’s never about that.  We work with purpose to optimize your performance and it works to improve all facets of your overall health.


About Rebell Strength & Conditioning

Rebell was built around the idea of providing personalized training in a group setting.

Our purpose is to help you reach your fitness goals while being guided by the most comprehensive fitness programming in Chicago.

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