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Rebell’s Nutrition Program

If you are already a member at Rebell, or taking part in a strength and conditioning program, then you are on the right path! Nevertheless, what we put IN our bodies is just as important (if not more so) as how we MOVE it.

Most “diets” demand drastic change, are difficult to maintain, and the positive results disappear. With this in mind, we developed a program that transforms your body for LIFE.

*This program is a product of our certifications with the world-renowned Precision Nutrition and the help of their software ProCoach. By using this platform, we at Rebell are able to deliver quality coaching on an individual basis to people anywhere in the world.


“Not only have I succeeded with a lot of my goals already, but I know this is the type of program that I can use in the future to help myself with anything that I want to improve on.”

— April S


“When I came into the program, I was expecting a boot camp of sorts that told you what to eat and when. After a few weeks, I was pretty impressed at how well the program breaks down nutrition into specific, doable habits to practice over time. I was also surprised at the significant benefits I got just from the first few habits alone.

The program does a great job of stripping away a lot of the daunting parts of eating healthier. On top of that, it teaches you a multitude of other things, such as recipes, mindset advice, and general nutrition information. I couldn’t imagine a better way to learn how to eat healthier.”
— Patrick Mika – Lost 32 pounds and 16 inches in 3 months

This program is for anyone who:

More FAQs

Can you give me some examples of habits?

The habits build on each other over time. We start with a simple “eat slowly” and build up to habits like “drink only zero calorie beverages.” Additionally, many habits will offer a Level 1 and Level 2 option, providing choices in intensity.

What if my goal isn’t to lose weight?
Great! Habits are applicable to any and all goals. And throughout the program you will learn to use evidence based decision making to assess your progress. You determine which choices are best for you and develop systems for the future!

Daily lessons seems like a lot! What if I can’t keep up?
Daily lessons are sent to keep the program in the back of your mind. This way, if you get off track, you’ll be more likely to get back on. If you only get through half a lesson, good for you! That’s one step closer to your goals! Plus, we’ll be there every step of the way to guide and support you.

How long do I need to commit?
To create sustainable habits, a one year commitment is highly recommended. Nevertheless, you can discontinue at any time with at least a two week notification. However, if you decide to come back the lessons will have continued as if you had never left and you would rejoin at that point. In other words, you would need to catch up for the time missed. Therefore, upon starting the program, we will work together to develop a strategy for keeping up with the lessons, and it is highly recommended that you are able to devote 10-15 minutes a day before you begin.


One-on-one nutrition coaching usually costs anywhere from $80-$100 per session. You would need to meet with your coach anywhere from 2-8 times per month. That’s $160-$800 per month.

Here is what we offer:


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