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Andy Bigelow

I’ve been training here for 4 years and I come 5-6 days a week and I love it. I recently kicked ssa in Chicago’s triathlon w little training on a bike or swimming simply because this place makes me stronger and enhances my endurance. About two months before the triathlon, I swam two miles and biked maybe 50 miles, ran 20-30 miles per week, yet I came to Rebell almost every day and still nailed it. We are a family and it’s hard to beat. I used to hate going to the gym and trying to figure out what to do – I did that for years – now, I walk in and there’s the plan, the trainer, 10-12 of us, and we hit it! We push each other in a safe and educated manner. The music rocks too!

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Byron Vance

I have been a part of the Rebell strength-building community for several years – with a few breaks as my work and travel demands have changed. I started back again recently and I am getting terrific results as always. In a little over 30 days, I dropped 10 pounds of fat and almost 4% of body fat %. But I didn’t need the testing to tell me I was on the right track. I am feeling better, moving better and fitting into clothes better. Oh, I am also much STRONGER. Still have a good bit of work ahead, but Rebell is the place to get it done.

MIke and Dan are terrific as coaches, motivators and realists. They know one size doesn’t fit all, and my workouts have always been great for me. I have used private training, semi private training and regular classes. Amazing work by Mike/Dan to flex their programs to make sense for everyone regardless of fitness level.

This isn’t a big box gym, so be prepared to introduce yourself in a class the first time and get ready to hear encouragement from the other members.

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William Cowles US National Rowing Team

Over the course of my rowing career, which included rowing at the collegiate and national team levels, I slowly grew to appreciate just how important knowledgeable strength coaching is.  I wish I had appreciated this earlier on in my career, and I think that too many rowers don’t put enough emphasis on how important strength training is to being fast on the water.  The training staff at Rebell is incredibly knowledgeable but also adaptable, making sure that what you are doing is right for you. Just as good coaching on the water is essential to getting faster, good coaching in the weight room is essential to getting stronger, and Rebell delivers in this area completely.  I think that Rebell would provide an ideal strength training component to any rower, whether trying to put up a better 2k for recruiting, trying to build skill in a small boat, or trying to compete at the elite level.

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Christian Burrus NHL Developmental Coach

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mike for a few years now and I’ve learned a ton. He’s a great personality to have around the gym but he is also a stellar coach. I tried over the years to emulate some of his coaching style and I can tell my athletes have responded positively. I look forward to working with Mike throughout my career.

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Coreen Wintering

“Rebell is a whole community that cares about your well-being inside and out. PLUS, the emotional Gains! Confidence, stamina, and pride. After I get my training in, I’m prepared to face whatever else the day has in store for me. Having this very strong and consistent piece in my life feels very good to me.”

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Paul Goodman NHL Strength and Conditioning Coach

Mike is a teacher first and foremost. His approach to coaching is passionate with the purpose of helping you to understand the whys and hows to be better as an athlete. He is extremely technical and delivers the information in a complete and tangible manner. Mike coaches with an intensity and vigor. He cultivates a culture of hard work and fun. He is by far the most approachable coach I have had the pleasure to work with. Most importantly he cares. He wants what is best for his people. Working with Mike will better you as an athlete and as a person. His approach to training and life is contagious.

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Erica Weber

Rebell is unlike any gym I’ve experienced before.  As a former high school athlete, but no longer the age of a high school athlete, I have plenty of aches and pains that I’m working with – a big reason why I’ve always steered clear of many gyms that have only class settings. I was intimidated by the workouts not because I didn’t think I was up for the challenge, but because I was concerned that physically, my body couldn’t handle them.  I’m not going to sugarcoat and say that walking into Rebell on day one was any less intimidating, or that I didn’t have the same reservations about Rebell that I’d had about other gyms. In fact, all I had to go on was the word of my friend who swore that the gym would accommodate my injury limitations. Wouldn’t you know, my friend was right!  A year and a half later and I’m still going strong at Rebell. Don’t be deceived, I still have hard workouts, but I never leave the gym in pain.  I credit my coach, Mike Connelly for not only my physical results, but also for how my perception of the gym and workouts has changed – no longer is it a place to beat your body up, but instead, it’s a place where I come to get strong – safely and properly.

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Erin Linklater

Rebell is not just a place to work out. It is a community. It is a lifestyle. Mike and Ryan have created a positive environment where people of all levels and experience can become stronger and feel completely supported while doing so. How often do you join a gym and have the owners introduce you to the other members on your first day? Everyone is welcomed warmly and happily. But the best part about Rebell is that you actually get stronger. You become better. I have never been a part of something like this, and I encourage everyone to come see what is happening at Rebell.

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Mike Graft

Mike and Ryan are fantastic.  Joined in February 2013 – could not have been happier with my decision.  Great for beginners to top athletes.  They’ll get the most out of you.

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Christian Pheil USA Rugby

“What I love about Rebell…it has everything you need from a training perspective. More than anything, the energy is great! It’s motivating and calming. It has absolutely elevated my training and ability to perform. I’ll never go back to the big box gyms!” 

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Jennifer Weber

I’ve been a member of Rebell for the past year and a half and can honestly say it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made to date. After graduating college, I had a hard time finding a routine that I truly enjoyed and was willing to stick with, and being a former college athlete, I was unhappy with how inactive I had become. A friend of mine introduced me to Rebell and I instantly fell in love. 

First, the coaches are amazing, know their stuff and are continually educating themselves to ensure they provide their members with top notch training. One thing that stuck out to me in the first few weeks of training was how the coaches work with their members. Everyone is at a different level of training, and while everyone follows the same monthly program, some members have to modify certain exercises due to injury or their level of strength. For instance, a program may list chin-ups or pull-ups as an exercise. While some members may do the typical chin-up, others may work with the TRX bands. Ultimately, everyone is using the same muscles and doing the same movement, the exercises are just modified to each individual’s level. The fact that the coaches can think of a modified version of an exercise on the spot shows me that they truly know the body and how to properly train their members. 

Second, Rebell is more like a family/community than a gym. We all support each other during workouts and are active in each other’s lives (birthdays, weddings, etc.). I’ve made some great friends at Rebell in the past year and a half!

Lastly, the strength I’ve gained in the past year and a half is pretty incredible. During my four years of college volleyball, I wasn’t capable of doing even one unassisted chin-up. In the first 3.5 months of joining Rebell, I was able to complete my first unassisted chin-up and that number has continued to increase ever since. Big shout out to Mike, the owner of Rebell, for always pushing me even when I don’t think I have any “gas left in the tank.” Not only has he pushed me with my strength work, but he’s pushed me with my new found love of cardio through the rowing machine. 

Hands down, this is the only gym I would recommend to someone in Chicago. It’s an incredible place with incredible people.

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Alison Reeley

Rebell is a fantastic gym with terrific trainers. I tried the one month special and got hooked on the workouts, Mike and Ryan’s attitude and careful instruction. They push you to do more but not without giving you a good foundation to start from.

The people that workout with you are super nice and friendly. As another reviewer said it isn’t full of douches so you feel comfortable quickly.

I am so hooked i have signed on for a year. I really look forward to every session with them. So come on in. Try it. You’ll like it.

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Jessica B. (We could tell you her last name but then we’d have to kill you)

Rebell really has everything I’m looking for in a “gym.” Rebell isn’t really a gym in a traditional sense – it’s training. The workouts are programmed (so I just need to show up ready to work!), and there is a genuine focus on correct technique, appropriate progressions, and safely making gains. No egos here; just hard work and some jokes. There is a sense of community and mutual respect among the members and trainers, and I get the impression that members socialize regularly outside of training as well. The atmosphere is both laid back and professional, which is exactly my kind of vibe for training.

I picked Rebell after doing a fair amount of research on training options. I’m working through an injury and train/teach krav maga outside of this, so I am hard on my body and wanted to find training that will help me increase my mobility, correct my weaknesses, and condition my body to continue doing what I love. I expected this to be a sort of “means to an end,” but I’m enjoying the process and have already seen improvements both at Rebell and in my other activities. Like any training, you get what you put in, but unlike generic gyms, the members and trainers at Rebell provide the motivation, guidance, and accountability to push you to be better.

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Kim Eberl Van Byssum Motion PR

Wonderful facility where the co-owners also train clients. This allows them to personally know their clients 1-on-1, helping clients stay focused and motivated. This is one of the rare facilities where I’ve been consistently working out, in large part due to the attention to customers but also to the community at Rebell. Every person who trains there is encouraging, welcoming and thoughtful, which follows the example of Mike and Ryan.

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Chase Schaap

Rebell is a special place and not a gym.

People at Rebell do give a shit. They care about you and everything about you. I can say without hesitation that the bonds I have made with Mike, Ryan, Kim and other members are real.

Rebell is on the forefront of the health and fitness industry. Mike, Ryan and Kim have learned from the best, yet still strive to get a little bit better every day. If you are serious about making a sustainable change to your health and well being, look no further.

The first time I walked into Rebell, I had a chip on my shoulder. Soon after, I ate a BIG piece of humble pie. I was not as strong, fit or knowledgeable as I thought I was. Fast forward a few months and I have never in my life felt more empowered and in control of my health and fitness. If you respect the process and embrace the challenges, you will progress.

Get curious and come make friends. You will not be disappointed.

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Graham Nash

Rebell Conditioning excels in all categories.  The trainers are very helpful and encouraging, pushing you forward without being overbearing.  The workouts work your whole body.  Two one hour sessions a week make a big difference.  You will get way more done here than you will at the gym, even with a trainer.  Last but not least, the cost is very reasonable.  Highly recommended.

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Greg Dziwulski

Do you enjoy being judged and/or gawked at by every meathead at your local “box gym” when you’re just trying to better yourself through working out? If not, you belong at Rebell Strength & Conditioning. 

With Rebell you get:
– Small group classes with a personal training feel
– A REAL sense of community (family dinners, fun local events, volunteering, lasting friendships, etc.)
– Value for your money…training is nearly 1/4 the price of personal training the “box gyms”
– Individualized attention and coaching in a group setting
– Balanced training focused on strength, conditioning, and functional mobility
– Nutrition education and coaching
– A challenging and unique workout each visit to Rebell
– Mike, Ryan, and Kim – 3 great certified coaches that know you and your individual fitness goals; and they are genuinely passionate about helping you meet them!

So, if you’re ready to dump Globo Gym in exchange for a REAL strength and conditioning experience…come check out Rebell! You won’t regret it.

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Erin Schirack Fitness Professional

I started training at Rebell in February of 2017 and let me just start by saying that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made!  

Now, let me back up and give you a little back story first.  I am a fitness professional by trade, I teach indoor cycling, Interval and Pilates. I have completed numerous certifications and workshops so I like to think that I know a thing or two about fitness.  I have taken classes and done training sessions all over the country and I can honestly say THESE GUYS ARE THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY HANDS DOWN!  I’ve worked with a number of their trainers and every time I leave feeling amazing and learning something new.  They are incredibly smart, patient and really know how to push you to your limits while still making sure they hit all the stuff that we neglect and need on a daily basis.  The studio is great! Super welcoming, clean and the music selections are usually top notch. Seriously, a hidden gem in the city and I am so lucky to have found them!

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Ashley Heher

When I decided to look for a place to learn how to strength train, I made a list of things I wanted. I wanted a gym that welcomed me for me – where people didn’t immediately assume I was just there to lose weight or get lean, but instead encouraged me to work hard, work smart, and get stronger each week. I wanted skillful, dynamic, engaging coaches who knew how to work with all kinds of clients and adapt their workouts for all levels of athletes. I wanted a fun, accepting community of committed (but not fanatical) people. And, most of all, I wanted to stop going to the kinds of gyms where trainers had me doing what felt like thousands of arm curls with five-pound weights. As it turned out, what I wanted was Rebell.

As a marathon swimmer, I’m training in the pool or the lake five days a week. But my Wednesday morning session at Rebell is routinely one of my favorite workouts of the week. I’m learning to move and use my body in new ways and I’m noticing dividends both in and out of the water. Even better? I’m meeting a really kick ass group of people along the way. Thanks, Rebell!

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Ann Vannavong

Rebell has a special place in my heart. I was in Chicago for a week and needed a place where I can continue my kettlebell classes. With the help of Yelpers, I found Rebell. The greatest things about Rebell are the dedicated people who continue to show up after 5 years and the instructor. As the new person, people welcomed me with open arms and showed me the Midwest hospitality… something that I miss now that I live in Cali. Being able to laugh and breaking a sweat all at once was a major plus! I would definitely return when I’m back in town.

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Gregg Barcelow

Rebell is where it’s at if you truly want to maximize your body’s potential. I have been fitness oriented for most of my life, but honestly, working with Mike and Ryan truly opened my eyes. Their thorough screening and analysis allowed them to identify a number of imbalances and deficiencies that were really holding me back, and we were able to begin to correct those while simultaneously building strength and endurance.

Even more impressive was how individualized my training was at Rebell. Despite the fact that I shared class time with other members, Mike and Ryan were able to very effectively instruct individually within the group. The acuity of their individual awareness during sessions allowed them to cater the training to me based on my needs and physique to the extent that it almost felt like we were doing one-on-one training. Far, far better and more productive than a trainer shoving a methodology at you whether it works for you or doesn’t. 

Rebell offers a unique, intense, varied and productive training experience, guided by perhaps the most qualified trainers I’ve ever worked with. I would recommend it to anybody out there, no matter what your experience, fitness level and training goals are.

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Matt Patruno Marine, CPD

I’ve been coming to Rebell for about 18 months now and I wish I would have been coming here longer. Mike and Ryan have been an absolute godsend for me and I am not the only Rebeller who thinks so. 

I have always had a very active lifestyle and thought I knew how to keep my body in peak physical performance. That is until I had to have a few procedures done on my ankle after years of abuse and never taking care of myself properly. 

Mike and Ryan not only brought me back to where I was when I was in my early 20’s but have gotten me stronger and as good as shape as I have ever been. I have a very physically demanding job and I need to be pumping on all cylinders at all times. This gym has gotten me and keeps me exactly where I need to be. 

These two guys are the best physical trainers I have ever worked with and truly care about not only their gym and its reputation but about their clients as well. Both constantly go out of their way to not only make sure I am getting stronger but to make sure I am taking care of my body as well. 

I couldn’t see myself working out anywhere else and I am grateful to have these two around to keep me going as I get older and my body needs more attention. If you want a gym that not only is going to get you in shape, keep you in shape, but most importantly keep you injury free this is the place for you.

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Page Saari

At Rebell, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been working out for years or are brand new to your fitness journey, everyone is welcome!  My husband and I joined Rebell with no kettlebell experience and a long history of inconsistency around working out.  Rebell changed that!  The coaches were patient in teaching us correct form and never made us feel bad about ourselves that we had little lifting experience.  They were kind and encouraging and kicked our butts- in a good way.  This made us want to come to the gym consistently and now, a year later- we are the strongest we’ve ever been!  Everyone at Rebell, regardless of fitness level, is united around getting stronger and being better.  A super friendly community in it to be strong and I couldn’t recommend it more!

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Chrissy Schwarz

I’m a member since 2015 and have never thought twice about my membership. REBELL is where it’s at. 

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Jim Fischer

If you are looking for a new place to train, put Rebell at the top of your consideration list.  I’ve been with them well over a year now.  Best fitness-related choice I’ve made.

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Jay Horn

I have never written a review for anything on any website, but I felt compelled to give these guys 5 stars to let people know how much I am enjoying this place so far.

I signed up at Rebell a month ago because I wasn’t seeing results working out on my own across the street at LA Fitness. I couldn’t be happier that I gave this place a try.

I have done CrossFit before and this place is remarkably similar, but I feel Rebell is a little more personal and they emphasis form a lot more. They also offer waaayyyy more classes to fit my schedule, and the online class signup is great, I can do it from my phone. Plus CrossFit is so played out now, I like that this place is a little more unique. 

It might be on the pricier side, but it’s well worth it. The people are great, it got me excited to work out again, and it’s actually pretty fun.

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